Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit out vibrant community. Our forefathers have been here in excess of 100 years and since that time we have become part of the Australian fabric of society. It therefore should not come as a surprise that we as Australians, like many other cultures whose origins are not of this nation are equally proud of our heritage and culture.

We strive and contribute to the security and economic stability of this nation we call home, (Australia) by following its laws, traditions, institutions without losing our heritage, culture and pride in our origins.  We believe in the spirit of Australian’s multicultural policies as a vehicle to becoming an Australian citizen. 

There are records of a Laconian migrant arriving from Sparta (via the USA) in the late 1800 and working on the Goldfields. Another migrant also decided to make australia home by arriving and working during the Great depression, working in the Victorian and New South Wales country side hotels, restaurants and Milk Bars. One of the first recorded Laconians in Brunswick was Nick Rassias from North Laconia who relocated to Mildura and settling on a farm growing stone fruits.

It was not until post WW2 that many Laconians began to arrive in Australia, of which many chose to settle in Fitzroy, Carlton before moving to Brunswick and the surrounding areas of Moreland.  Over time, it did not take long for families of second, third and fourth generation to move out to surrounding and outlying suburbs, raising families and being part of Australian society. Today there are many Laconians be found scattered throughout Victoria, ranging from the country side to the inner suburbs of Melbourne and its satellite suburbs.

The Pallaconian Brotherhood was established in 1961 in an effort to bring together Laconian Greek migrants from across Victoria. During this period of intense post war migration, many Laconian Greeks found in the Pallaconian Brotherhood a forum for coming together, sharing experiences and helping each other with the challenges of learning to live in their adopted home. Soon, many other Laconian clubs that had been in existence for over thirty years, banded together to create the Pallaconian Brotherhood ‘Leonidas”.  When the time came for the club to find permanent residence the purchase of a building situated at 253 Albert Street, Brunswick, became the natural choice. It was renamed “Laconian House” and continues to serve as the club rooms to the present day. 

For over half a century our organisation has been instrumental in maintaining Laconian cultural heritage in Victoria. It continues to pass this cultural legacy to second and third generation Greek Australians. Throughout the year the Pallaconian Brotherhood organises functions and activities aimed at celebrating Laconian culture, including exhibitions of traditional Greek dancing, theater, cultural seminars and festivals. It takes great pride in being able to contribute to the multicultural aspect of Melbourne in this way.

The Pallaconian Brotherhood is managed by a Committee of Management  of 15 members, chaired by a President. In addition the Committee of Management is supported an active Senior Citizens Group, a Cultural Committee, Youth Group, Womens Committee, a nationally celebrated Greek dance group and supplemented by its own newspaper (The Lakonika Nea) which is distributed periodically. 


“It seems all of Greece knows what is the right thing to do, but it is only the Spartans that do anything about it.” An old man who went to the Olympic games, couldn’t find a seat to watch. As he went from place to place, he met with insults and jeers, as nobody made room for him. But when he came to the Spartan section, all the boys and many of the men rose and yielded their places for him.

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