You can become a member of the Pallaconian Brotherhood by completing a membership application and forwarding it to the Secretary of the club together with the annual membership fee of $5. Your membership application will be provided to the Committee of Management for approval after it has been reviewed by the Membership Officer.

See below 15 reasons for becoming a member.    An application for membership for ALL GROUPS can be downloaded by clicking on:

Alternatively please contact the Secretary, Peter Adamis on: 0409965538 and/or email at:


Preamble.     The Greek Australian Lakonian Organisations are of the belief that merely by being a member is an indication that you belong to an ancient family of Lakonians.  The Lakonians are more than 2500 years old and inhabited the same region as modern day Lakonia in Greece. Today Lakonians may be found in every country and on every continent. Courageous, strong of heart, adventurous, free of spirit and a yearning for freedom are the qualities Lakonians are renowned for throughout the ages, even to this day.

Community support.                     We do not compel you or seek donations to support the community other than you attend our community functions when you are able and in a position to do so.  All in-kind support is very much welcome and a certificate of appreciation is thus presented in return and recorded in the records as a benefactor of the community.

Skills and Hobbies.            Should you be willing to give a small part of your time, we would love to hear from you. We are seeking Lakonians no matter how far removed they are from their Lakonian origins or where they live on the planet. If you have skills, knowledge, experience and hobbies in communication, writing, social media, websites, audio, lectures, trades, catering, dancing, folk music, photography, training, teaching, catering, linguistics, grants, busking, history then we want to hear from you.

The Lakonian Register.    What we ask of you is that that you register with us without becoming a member and thus still feel part of a community that has an ancient past.  Although we will not send you material via post or electronic means unless requested to do so, your contribution being on the register is your contribution that Lakonian heritage lives through you.   We need you to assist the community to survive and to assist us in continuing a heritage and culture of which you are a part of. Proof of Lakonian heritage is required if you wish to become a voting member.

Annual Fee.  For as little as $5.00 per year, you can become a member of the Australian Hellenic Pallaconian Brotherhood ‘Leonidas’. For your membership, you will receive access to the following:

  1. Access to our cultural centre;
  2. Open invitation to our Tuesday lunches;
  3. Access to our Dance Group and classes;
  4. Invitation to join our Youth Group;
  5. Access to our Lectures and Presentations;
  6. Electronic newsletter every three months;
  7. Invitation to our Womens Group,
  8. An annual calendar and access to sponsors;
  9. Discounts on hiring community assets;
  10. Access to our Information Technology programmes;
  11. Access to our website and electronic calendar of events;
  12. Access to our Social media via Face Book, Twitter an Skype;
  13. Access to our History and Records Archives;
  14. Access to our Photography and image Gallery; and
  15. Access to Australian Hellenic Community Network (AHCN); and
  16. Invitation to our Annual General Meeting.
  17. Invitation to join our Elderly citizens Group;
  18. Invitation to join our Cultural Centre Group;
  19. Invitation to join our Mothers Club Group;
  20. You don’t have to be of Lakonian origin to become a member. (Disclaimer: Unable to vote or hold office)

To join any of the above groups speak to our Membership Officer today.  Your membership application will be provided to the Committee of Management for approval after it has been reviewed by the Membership Officer. Contact Peter Adamis on: 0409965538 or Email:

Thank you. We will be in touch soon.

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