Highway to the heart of Lakonia

After many years of planning construction, additional planning and financial delays the highway linking Megalopolis, Tripoli, Kalamatta, Nauplio, Corinth, and Athens with Sparta and down to the coast of Gythio will finally become a realization.   On Monday 18 April 2016, the Highway will be officially open to traffic.  It is expected that government, regional and local officials will participate in the opening. The highway will create additional employment, open up new markets and create more opportunities for local, regional and overseas investors as well see an increase in tourism.  

Official opening.   The Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Mr. Chris Spirtzis invites the public to the event delivery into service of new motorway Lefktro – Sparta, the first independent integrated part delivered by concession.  The event will take place at 1 pm the area of the Station Car Service Pellana motorway “Moreas” (near Sparta).  Highway – Sparta has three bridges: two in the Eurotas River (315 meters each) and a river Oinounta or Voutikioti (275 meters) near the exit of Sparta. On the way from Sparta before Pellana which has two road side stations

After delivery of the project will build the interchange St. Constantine (the 22th kilometre) between Loganikos and Pellana, deemed necessary to serve the Founteika region.  With the new road the distance of Sparta from Athens will be reduced to two hours, about 20 minutes faster than what the existing road network, and increased security.  The 46 km. Of new road will require about 20 minutes. The route Sparta – Megalopolis will be made in 25 minutes, the Sparta – Tripoli 30 and Sparta – Kalamata in about 40 minutes.

History.     Lakonia will no longer be an isolated mountainous region which boasts of the legendary Spartans and those of Helen of Troy and her husband Menelaus the King of ancient Lacedaemon. Greek: Λακεδαίμων) was mythical king of Laconia and son of the Pleaid Taygete and Zeus in Classical Greek mythology. He was a father of King Amyclas of Sparta and Queen Eurydice of Argos, with Princess Sparta, the daughter of King Eurotas.  Taygete has an association with Artemis in earlier mythology.  Eurotas bequeathed the kingdom to Lacedaemon, who then renamed the state after his wife,Sparta, who was also his niece.  According to Pseudo-Plutarch, Taygete was the wife of Lacedaemon. Their son was named Himerus.


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