Annual General Meeting 2016

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The 2016 Annual General Meeting was conducted on Sunday 9 October 2016. Chris Paikopoulos – AGM President, Jim Batsakis – Vice President, Stacey Kanellakos – Secretary. the panel was assisted by the Committee of Management: Peter Adamis – President, Stavroula Psarakis – Vice President, Kon Glekas – Secretary and John Panagiotakakos – Treasurer.  107 members attended the Annual General Meeting. 


agm-2016-front-view jim-batsakis-agm-vice-president-9-october-2016 petros-gouvousis-and-financial-statement-2016-agm members-at-agm-9-october-2016 kon-glekas-committee-of-management-secretary-at-agm-9-october-2016 agm-setup-b-9-october-2016 agm-2016-committee-of-management-seating agm-2016-facing-shield agm-2016-front-to-rear agm-setup-c-9-october-2016 agm-setup-a-9-october-2016 shield-between-two-flags

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