Cultural Centre Presentation Evening 2016

On Friday 23 September 2016 the Pallaconian Brotherhood Leonidas Committee of Management introduced another innovative and new event into the community’s calendar. The introduction of the pilot event was created and implemented to thank, recognise and acknowledge members of the community throughout the year. The first even consisted of the Committee of Management, Elderly Citizens Committee, Womens Group, Youth Group, Cultural Group, spouses and partners, friends and family.

The event began with an opening address by the President Peter Adamis, followed by a well researched lecture by Sotiris (Sam) Mihelakos on the origins of the community’s purchase of the current hall and its environs.  At the end of the lecture, the President gave a brief outline of the current Committee of Management achievements for 2014 – 2016, adding that it was the most skilled, cooperative, knowledgeable and experience team he has ever worked with in a community based organisation.

Peter Adamis went onto present each member of the committee members present with a plaque for service to the community, a bound copy of the past two years minutes and a framed photograph of the Presidents shield honouring the Committee of Management. On presenting each plaque, the President Peter Adamis praised each member and thanked them, personally for their dedication, hard work and commitment of the past two years; adding that his role was made much easier by the dearth of skills and knowledge within the Committee of Management and that of the support provided by the Elderly Citizens Committee.

In closing, the President stated that when he took on the role of President in October 2016, one of the pillars of his term was that respect be demonstrated to those who created the Brotherhood, purchased and paid the building and kept alive the Lakonian Cultural heritage in Australian setting. He then said that members of the Committee of Management must set the example to the youth and act always in a professional manner worthy of their predecessors. If respect is not a pillar of the Committee of Managements objects then they must not expect respect by the youth or by those who follow them.

At the end of the presentations, light refreshments, drinks and discussions took place within the confines of the cultural Centre under the watchful eyes of Kon Karavitis who had he been alive this day would certainly have approved of the Cultural Centers acclivities.  

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