Australian Lakonian Cultural Centre

The Pallaconian Brotherhood ‘Leonidas’ Cultural Centre houses the community’s historical archives in the form of records, artifacts, costumes, paintings, images and is the repository of traditional Lakonian culture. The Cultural Centre has its own sub committee in accordance with the constitution and resolutions. 

The Cultural centre has its origins at the beginning of the revival period of the Brotherhood (late nineteen eighties), attracting a number of name changes including a small section dedicated to Kon Karavitis a past President. A new management structure in line with current methodologies and concepts were created during the period 2014 to 2016.  New paradigms were also implemented that would enable the Cultural Centre to survive without placing undue financial stress on the Pallaconian Brotherhood ‘Leonidas’. Today the cultural centre is being developed further by Stavroula Psarakis and her team of dedicated volunteers to the point of becoming self sufficient. Scholars and researchers are most welcome to contribute

The current sub committee is by Stavroula (Zouzoulas) Psarakis as President of the Cultural centre.   It is of interest to note that at least one member of the Cultural Centre sub committee must be a member of the Committee of Management as outlined in the Pallaconian Brotherhood ‘Leonidas’ Constitution.  Stavroula has a small dedicated team comprising of, George Spanos, Avgustina (Roumpos) Torcello, Harry Spanos, Peter Adamis, Jim Bakis, Hariklea Bakis, Dimitra Roumeliotis, Kon Glekas, Sam Mihelakos, Helen Torcello, Ken Tsirigotis and Perry .Bakolias. They are responsible for conducting and preparing the Annual Olive Festival, the Annual Cultural presentation cocktail night and the Annual Gerousia Evening where past Presidents and Executive Committees are invited.

The Cultural centre has in the past, held, an Artists Gallery, Images of a Bygone era Gallery, Cocktail Presentation evenings, Greek school, Computer Training, Meetings, Lectures and traditional cultural garments, costumes and records.  The sub committee is currently working on a number of projects, such as oral histories, digitizing historical records, compiling an Australia wide data base of Lakonian for future researches, as well as compiling traditional recipes and traditions of the early years of migration to Australia.

You can become a member of the Pallaconian Brotherhood Womens Group by completing a membership application and forwarding it to the Membership Officer of the club together with the annual membership fee of $5. Please visit our membership page:  MEMBERSHIP or alternatively download an application here: ENGLISH-MEMBERSHIP-APPLICATION-AMENDED-5-OCTOBER-2016


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