Smile of the Child 2016

The smile of the child charity event for 2016 was once again held at the Pallaconian Brotherhood Leonidas.  A copy of the article may be downloaded by clicking on: SMILE OF THE CHILD CHARITY 2016

The charity held annually is a tribute to Betty Athanasakis and her wonderful team of volunteers who together brought about a successful and delightful charity event raising $19,000.00 towards the children who need support in the orphanages of Greece.   A splendid band good food, wine, soft drinks and beer flowed throughout the evening as guests once again thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

This year under the leadership of the Pallaconian Brotherhood Leonidas President, Kon Glekas and his team came as a group, attracting additional guests to the event. Kon Glekas is and was emphatic and positive supporter of the Smile of the Child and is always to be seen in support of this in need. The event is always supported by the Pallaconian Brotherhood as they are great believers in the charity and always contribute their time and effort to ensure its success. 

Betty Athanasakis and her team of volunteers were ecstatic about the outcome and was pleased to see her many supports being loyal to the charity work conducted on behalf of the children in Greece.  Betty Athanasakis is one of those rare women who having come to Australia some many years ago realised that the plight of the children could not go answered and thus created the Smile of the Child charity event. One hopes that the next generation of Australian Greek women emulate her and her team’s efforts and be recognised for their charity work.





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