HACCI Awards

Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Vic)  awards are presented annually to Australians of Hellenic origins for their contribution to the Australian Hellenic and wider community. A number of Australians with Laconian heritage have been privileged to receive the HACCI Excellence Award. 

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The HACCI Excellence Awards Gala Ball is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious annual events on the Melbourne Hellenic calendar. Each year’s event is hosted at avenue in during the month of November. 
The HACCI Excellence Awards has been an annual event for over 20 years and the event is aimed at recognizing and awarding excellence within the Hellenic Australian business and professional community of Australia. Through the years, many Hellenic Australians and Philhellenes alike have been recognised for achievements in categories such as commerce, politics, academia, the arts, community service and philanthropy.