The Pallaconian Brotherhood has been teaching traditional Greek forms of dancing for over 15 years. Students are able to learn dances from all areas of Greece, from a professional teacher with extensive experience in both the theoretical and performance aspects of Greek dancing.

Our dance group also performs frequently throughout the year at various public festivals and cultural events. Some high profile events that have featured performances of our group include the annual Antipodes Festival, the Sydney Road Street Party, the Annual Golden Tsolia Awards and the Premier’s Gala (2010).

We have also performed both interstate and in Greece, and often conduct joint performances with musical or drama groups representing different cultures. Our dancing classes are taught across all age groups and levels of understanding, from beginners to advanced. Our three key age groupings are:

Junior: for primary school age children

Intermediate: for secondary school students

Senior: for all those aged 18 and above

There are no fees associated with learning how to dance Greek at the Pallaconian Brotherhood. Classes are normally taught during the school year on Sunday evenings at 6pm (Junior and Intermediate) or 7pm (Senior) at Laconian House, 253 Albert Street Brunswick.

To find out more, please email Steve Tsaganas at: