Lakonians do it best in 2016


General outline. Today of all days the Lakonian of Melbourne Victoria are stretched to the limit. Not only will they have participated at the Greek Independence Day March but will also be heavily represented at the Sydney Road Festival in Brunswick. It certainly will be an extraordinary year for all Lakonians no matter where they live in Melbourne or Victoria. A copy of the complete article may be downloaded by clicking on:LAKONIANS DO IT BEST IN 2016 
Great ideas and concepts are in store for all Lakonians whether they were born in Greece or Australia. The Committee of Management has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure this year’s events are a success after a year of leadership training, development and mentoring.
Committee of Management. Committee members involved are: Peter Adamis, Stavroula Psarakis, Kon Glekas, John Panagiotakakos, Sam Mihelakos, Mary Tsaganas, Ken Tsirigotis, Helen Torcello, John Karavitis, Dimi Roumeliotis, Perry Bakolias, Augustina Torcello, Peter Roumpos, Steve Tsaganas, George Spanos and supported by Jim Bakis, Petros Gouvousis and Stacey Kannelakos.  Promotion. The following are but some event examples of Australian Lakonians at work and play and it will be of interest to note that Mary Tsaganas will be heavily promoting the Pallaconian Brotherhood events throughout 2016. Additional details can be found by visiting the Pallaconian Brotherhoods website at:

1. The Pallaconian Dance Group. The Dance Group will be representing the Pallaconian Brotherhood ‘Leonidas’ at a myriad of festivals under the guidance of the dynamics of Steve Tsaganas, their creative Dance teacher Joseph Tsombanopoulos and assisted by Stacey Kannelakos th current President of the Pallaconian Youth Group. This Dance group has figured and appeared in most if not all of the major festivals held in Melbourne Victoria and with their new costumes recently purchased from Greece are a highly sought after dancing group.  Their recent exhibition was this year’s Antipodes festival where a huge crowd was attracted to watch the dance Group perform. In fact the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull was also in attendance along with the Leader of the opposition Bill shorten, the Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews and the State opposition leader Matthew Guy.
2. Greek Independence Day March. The procession which is currently being held ahead of schedule for reasons unknown at this stage is being coordinated by Ken Tsirigotis. Ken Tsirigotis is well qualified for the role as he is currently a serving Warrant Officer of the Australian Regular Army – The Royal Australian Regiment.

Stavroula (Zouzoulas) Psarakis the Vice President will be representing the President Peter Adamis who is currently recovering from cancer. In addition John Panos the Treasurer will also be in the lead as part of the Pallaconian Brother Committee of Management Executive Committee.  The Order of March will include members dressed in traditional costumes of a romantic bygone era as well as on member dressed as a Lakonian warrior o the Spartan class. They will be followed by members of the community and other Lakonians who wished to tag along for the procession.

3. Sydney Street Party. The Festival is being held in Sydney Road Brunswick has been known to attract thousands from all parts of Victoria. It has a multicultural theme ranging from Australian Indigenous, Asian, and Middle East, African and European and local bred Australian cultural attractions. The Street Party is being coordinated by Kon Glekas who is also the Pallaconians Secretary. Kon skills and knowledge are always sought after within the community and is certainly well qualified for the job of coordinating the Pallaconian Brotherhood interests on the day.

Kon will be supported by a myriad of eager volunteers all stepping in to ensure that the Pallaconian Brotherhood stall is well stocked with provisions and maintained throughout the day.
These volunteers will be working like busy bees in the background at the community hall located some 500m metres from the Pallaconian Stall. Preparing and cooking the meat, cutting the salads, cooking the Pallaconian Loukoumades (Donuts), shredding and preparing the corn from its husks, buttering the bread, keeping the drinks cold and a thousand of other items that go towards making the day a success.
Mind you all of these require coordination at both ends and many of the elderly under the guidance of Petros Gouvousis (Elderly Citizens President) as well as the women who unfailing turn up every year. A special mention of Jim Bakis who is a stalwart and courageous supporter who never fails to put in 100% to support the community.
Those who have never been to the Sydney Street Party are missing out on an extraordinary spectacle that no other festival with the exception of the Antipodes Festival can emulate. Put on some loose clothes, take a hat with you to shield you from the sun and stroll down to the festival. You will not be disappointed.

Summary. 2016 will be a year that will see the rise of the Lakonians in many forms. It will be a year where all Lakonians no matter where they live will be able to be proud called Lakonian living in a country we all call home, Australia. The Pallaconian Brotherhood leadership programme is attracting the youth whilst the Committee of Management is being replaced by a new younger generation who will be able to inject new ideas and concepts that will question the paradigms of the past without losing the traditional Lakonian culture and themes of a bygone era.

Peter Adamis
President Pallaconian Brotherhood ‘Leonidas’