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Main Committee Of Management

Our Aims

1. To unite all Hellenes of Laconian origin and their descendants living in Melbourne and anywhere in the State of Victoria.

2. To promote and advance the moral, social and spiritual development of its members, and assist Laconians living in Victoria in strengthening relations with other associations or organisations pursuing similar goals.

3. To acquire and maintain a cultural centre that may be used by the members of the Brotherhood in a number of ways.

4. To provide for the social, cultural, spiritual, creative development and recreation of the families of its members in any beneficial way…

Executive Spotlight

The Pallaconian Brotherhood’s President is Chris Paikopoulos, who works judiciously to ensure the Club’s smooth operation.

He has served previously as the Brotherhood’s President when he erected the Bust of Leonidas at Sparta Place.

Chris has ancestry from the villages of Agoriani and Vergadeika in the Voreious Dimous on Mount Taygetos in Laconia.

Vice President
The current Vice President of the Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria “Leonidas” Incorporated is John Mastrogiannakos.

John has been an active and diligent Vice President, previously serving as the club’s President.

He was the President of (and has ancestry from) the Elos Club, until it’s merger with the Pallaconian Brotherhood.


The Club’s current Secretary is Rosemary Lugg, whose family is Laconian and has herself lived in Greece for many years.

Rosemary has brought unrivalled professionalism and work-ethic to her role at the Pallaconian Brotherhood.


The Club’s Treasurer and youngest member of the Main Committee is Christina Christopoulos.

Christina’s family has a long history with the Pallaconian Brotherhood (her Grandfather was President) and she has worked hard to help modernise and grow the Club.