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Senior Committee

Our Aims

  1. Our Senior Citizens Group is made up of both Laconians and non-Laconians, many of whom have been longstanding members of our community.
  2. It welcomes new members and works to provide a social network for older Greek Australians.
  3. The Senior Citizens Group meets for a Greek Luncheon every Tuesday at midday (12pm) at Laconian House (253 Albert Street, Brunswick), unless otherwise notified.
  4. Every Saturday from 9am to 12pm the Senior Citizen Group takes part in a Greek Kafeneio at Laconian House (253 Albert Street, Brunswick), unless otherwise notified.
  5. Our senior members organise their own regular social functions as a committee, but also aim to provide information and services to assist other senior Greek Australian members of the community.

Executive Spotlight

The current President of the Pallaconian Seniors is Mr. Petros Gouvousis.

Petros has been a longstanding member of the Club, and has been involved in many other Committees and Sub-Committees.

As President of the Seniors he has done everything to support our ageing Laconian Community.

Vice President
The Vice President of the Pallaconian Brotherhood Senior Committee is George Androutsos, who has worked well alongside Mr. Gouvousis.

George has many family and friends involved in the club, and has been an active member for many years.

The Pallaconian Brotherhood’s Senior Treasurer is Stavros Christosforakis, who is a valued member of the Club’s team.

Mr. Christosforakis assists in many aspects of the Senior’s meetings, events and social programs, and has been with the club for many years.

For more information about our Seniors Group, please contact Mr. John Mastrogiannakos by phone on 0426-209-829 or fill out the form below: